Jack Montmeat

Contact Information:

email: jwmontmeat@hotmail.com

Artist's Statement:

My paintings represent the continual search for the objective reality. While I strive to paint as realistically as I am able to, nothing is more important than the overall composition and concept. Painting is a subconscious endeavour, and it is the mysterious nature of it that leads to good results — the light illuminating a face, a fleeting expression, an unassuming pose are all elements that inspire me, but they are not things that can necessarily be controlled or planned.

Clayton, oil on linen, 60"x84", 2006

Alex and Lena, oil on linen, 62"x64", 2005

Bill Jr., pencil, 18"x24", 2006

Self Portrait, oil on panel, 12"x16", 2004

Still Life with Mango, oil on panel, 12"x16, 2005

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