John Stallings

John E. Stallings

Artist Statement

My work is of the modernist and abstract traditions. I strive to create a simplicity of form. The materials I use, such as the hand-polished aluminum and stainless steel, are polished for hours to create pieces of sculpture that pull in the reflection of their environment.  I believe this adds an interactive quality to my work as well as creating a pleasant optical illusion in the space.  My purpose is to please and engage the viewer.  I want my audience to feel good when they view my sculpture.

The material of Corten Steel was chosen at the private site installation for its ever-changing, organic quality and its relationship to the steel-town heritage.  I utilize in its design the organization's mission statement in honoring the "Spirit, Mind and Body", and abstracting this mission statement into a form that creates meaning to the members.

All work is engineered for structural safety and I collaborate with a local fabricator to bring my design concepts to life.


John E. Stallings (born 1954 in Baltimore, Maryland) is a contemporary sculptor living in Johnstown, Pennsylvania. After experimenting with many forms of art, including painting and printmaking, he focused on sculpture and studied with sculptor Frank Gilliam in the mid-1970s. His style has been described as classic modernist minimalism, with an emphasis on simplicity of geometric form as an expression of beauty and power. Stallings is considered one of the top six sculptors specializing in stabile sculpture. Working primarily with steel and aluminum, he creates stabiles that accentuate their environments. He also works with stone and bronze.

Stallings believes that "the lines of good art should seem neither to begin nor end.” He feels that certain rules of nature also apply to art. In keeping with this philosophy, he infuses each piece with a sense of continuous motion and the ability to “interact” with its environment.

Working with the City of Johnstown and the local arts community, Stallings has proposed a public art program. Its mission, goals and plans are now being formulated by a recently formed group of area citizens representing the arts community, the City, local neighborhoods, area businesses and interested citizens.

Commissions, Invitations and Shows

2003: Kernville Community Action Center, Johnstown, PA
2006: Amsterdam Whitney International Fine Art, Inc. Gallery, New York, NY
2006: Show Me Your Metal - Torpedo Factory Art Center, Alexandria, VA
2006: Amsterdam Whitney Gallery, New York, NY - Group Show
2007: YMCA of Johnstown, PA - outdoor sculpture
2007: Ezair Gallery, South Hampton, NY
2008: Ezair Gallery, New York, NY
2008: Pittsburgh Technology Council Arts/15 Minutes Gallery, Pittsburgh, PA


2008: Pennsylvania Rural Arts Alliance Project Grant for the Haynes Street Sculpture Project

2008: George Sugarman Foundation Grant for the Haynes Street Sculpture Project

2006-2007: Project Grant for YMCA outdoor sculpture. Supported by the Pennsylvania Partners in the Arts (PPA), regional arts funding partnership of the Pennsylvania Council on the Arts. State government funding through an annual appropriation by the Pennsylvania General Assembly and from the National Endowment for the Arts (NEA), a Federal agency. PPA is administered by the Pennsylvania Rural Arts Alliance (PRAA).

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