George Sugarman (1912-1999), was a prolific, controversial, and forward-thinking American artist. His sculptures, drawings, and paintings defy a definitive style. As an innovator in pedestal-free sculpture and vividly painted metal sculptures, Sugarman was continually expanding on the metamorphoses of his prodigious creativity.

Always interested in the well-being of dedicated, young, and developing artists, Sugarman provided for them in his will. Thus, the establishment of The George Sugarman Foundation, Inc.

All art is metaphor, if one wants it that way, but then so is any object. To escape from metaphor, artists have often chosen other ways: sheer physical stimulation or the insistence on a system of formal relationships that has meaning in and for itself. Metaphor, stimulation, formal relationships, three ways to meaning. Is it necessary to choose? 
- George Sugarman, 1974

The works shown are a selection of George Sugarman artworks that are currently being offered to private collectors for purchase and to public institutions for purchase or extended loan.